Concretum® Q-REP G is a rapid-hardening and incline-capable repair mortar based on pure cement with a maximum aggregate size of 8 mm. This mortar can withstand full loads just one hour after production. The drymix mortar is mixed with water and is available in bags.


  • All types of small rapid-hardening concrete applications.
  • Generally for the reconstruction or repair of concrete structures, for which rapid hardening or rapid drying is required.
  • Reconstruction of runways, taxiways and aprons at airports.
  • Reconstruction of concrete transport surfaces with very short closure times (e.g. motorways).
  • Repair or reconstruction of solid railway basements.


  • Concretum® Q-REP G allows the reconstruction and repair of concrete structures, which require a compressive strength fc of 20 N/mm² after just one hour.
  • After approximately only 2 hours, Concretum® Q-REP G reaches a moisture content < 4 CM-%. This allows the rapid realisation of further work steps, such as the application of seals in bridge construction or in floor structures.
  • Concretum® Q-REP G is a purely mineral product.
  • Depending on the temperature and amount of water added, Concretum® Q-REP G remains workable for approx. 15 minutes.
  • Concretum® Q-REP G is characterised by low shrinkage. As a result, structures repaired with Concretum® Q-REP G suffer very little cracking and are therefore highly durable.