Project Description

Initial situation

Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) is Istanbul’s second major airport and handles over 900 aircraft movements each day and 31.4 million passengers annually (2017) with just a single runway. Due to the success of the airport and its steadily increasing traffic over recent decades the runway was in poor condition. Especially, the center portion in the touchdown areas showed substantial surface damages and was in need of renewal. However, construction on this intensively used air traffic surface is only possible during the night when operations are halted.

Solution and assessment

From March to September 2018, a total of 535 concrete slabs measuring 5.0 x 3.75 metres (10’000 square meters in total) with a thickness of 40-55 centimetres were replaced on the runway at Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The construction company YBT performed the works 5 nights each week from 01:00 am to 06:00 am. In these extremely tight 5-hour time slots, up to 100 square metres of runway must be excavated and new concrete poured.
Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20 rapid-hardening concrete is mixed at a plant adjacent to the airport and transported to the construction site on the runway by a tipper truck. After mixing, the concrete is workable for about 90 minutes and reaches the required strength for a fully loaded passenger aircraft to land on it one hour later. Compared to conventional concrete, this special concrete is also characterised by very high impermeability and abrasion resistance. Due to the high quality of the new concrete surfaces, a service life of approx. 40 years can be expected. Taken by its dimensions this project is a world’s first. All reconstruction works have been performed without any impact on airport operation and aircraft movements.


Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20

March 2018 – Sep 2018


YBT, Istanbul

Preparation of slabs

Placement of concrete