Project Description

Initial situation

There was evidence of damage to concrete slabs on expressway S1 near Vienna (e.g. cracks and broken edges) requiring repair. To minimise traffic disruption due to repairs, the works were carried out at night using rapid-hardening concrete.

Solution and assessment

The rapid-hardening concrete Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20 was used for this project. It reaches a compressive strength of over 20 N/mm2just 2 hours after the start of mixing. This enabled the construction work to be completed within this very limited time frame. The concrete was produced in a nearby concrete plant and then transported to the site with a mixer truck. As the open time for the concrete could be adjusted precisely, it was possible to repair several small surfaces in succession with just one concrete production batch.

Thanks to the rapid hardening of the concrete, traffic disruption was kept to a minimum.


Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20

October 2015



Concrete production:
Asamer, Vienna