Large-scale renovation: Rapid-hardening concrete with slipform pavers

The rapid-hardening concrete Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20 can be applied with the slipform paver. This unique possibility for rapid-hardening concrete is based on the targeted, adjustable concrete consistency and open time.

Consequently, entire runways can be fundamentally renovated in one construction season without work having to be performed even once outside the overnight closures. Large-scale renovations of motorways and air traffic surfaces are therefore possible without disrupting operations.

The concrete hardens approx. 60 to 90 minutes after application. In this period, the broom finish or the exposed-aggregate surface can be created during the ongoing concreting operations. The required skid resistances can be achieved for motorways with the exposed-aggregate surface.

Machine application with slipform pavers allows time for greater application capacity compared to the manual method (approx. 1,000 m2 compared to approx. 100 m2 per night stage). This can only be realised with Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20.

Process (using the slipform paver application on the A2 near Graz/AT)

0′ Production in the concrete plant
10′ Transport of the concrete in an open dump truck, unloading and distribution of the concrete
15′ Compacting in the vibrating chamber with T-vibrators
20′ Spreading with the transversal screed, working of the surface with super-smoother
45′ Application of the surface retarder
60′ End of the concrete’s open time (variable)
90′ Machine brushing of the exposed-aggregate surface
120′ Cutting the dummy joints, final cleaning of the surfaces


The rapid-hardening concrete Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20 has been used with great success since 2004 with various application methods. Among other things, it has been used many times on motorways and airports in Europe.