From consultancy company to a globally active supplier of high-tech concrete

Depending on their use, their construction, and particularly their reconstruction, reinforced concrete structures require high specification concretes. Apart from the optimisation of its material properties, efficiency and reliability play an important role in concrete production.

Concretum has been developing, producing and selling special, high-performance concretes and concrete admixtures for more than a decade. These products meet the needs for an easy and reliable production method of high-tech concrete. The Concretum high-tech concretes combine innovative properties with new production methods and are characterised by a very long lifespan. In particular, the Concretum rapid-hardening concrete technology is increasingly becoming the international standard, thanks to its excellent USPs, for the reconstruction of large concrete transport surfaces such as motorways and runways.

The company was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from ETH Zürich and subsequently won various entrepreneurial prizes and awards. High-performance solutions for challenging construction projects around the world have been developed, first as consultants in all matters relating to cement-based construction materials, and later as a developer and producer of its own products. Expert knowledge of the material technology, unique numerical simulation methods (Virtual Lab) and an understanding of the practical use form the basis for the success of these innovative concrete concepts.

Since 2015, CONCRETUM has been concentrating on the European market for transport surface reconstruction and has handed over the Swiss business to its newly founded partner company EBICON AG. Products like Concretum® D-ZERO, C-DRY or SUPERFIBER are sold by EBICON AG.