High specifications for runway reconstruction

The capacity utilisation of many international airports is now so high that the airport pavements must be permanently available during operating times.
Runways, taxiways and aprons in particular are heavily used by the increasing traffic loads. This leads to damage (cracks, broken edges, etc.) to the concrete slabs, which, consequently, have to be replaced.
Two methods are used for replacement:

  1. Replacing individual slabs
  2. Replacing large areas

In order to be able to perform these replacements without disrupting operations, a rapid-hardening concrete has to be used, which can achieve the required strength faultlessly and in a very short time. The slab size of up to 8×8 m also requires a type of concrete that has a very low shrinkage and low
heat of hydratation. The rapid-hardening Concretum® Q­FLASH 2/20 has been developed specifically for this application and has already been used successfully at many European airports. Concretum specialists are on hand at each pouring.