Concretum is looking for a new laboratory manager and a person responsible for external production, logistics and

We are looking for a laboratory manager in Embrach/ZH to succeed the current position holder, either immediately or by
appointment. Reporting directly to the CTO, you are independently responsible for the smooth operation of our R&D
laboratory and our small internal production. You lead a team of 3 technicians and are the interface to our
international team of engineers, which will support you substantially with your work. We are also open to ambitious

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In the course of our expansion, we are looking for an ambitious person responsible for production, logistics and
purchasing in SMEs, either immediately or by appointment. Reporting directly to the CEO, you are independently
responsible in this demanding position for ensuring that all our customers and projects at home and abroad are supplied
on time and to quality at all times.

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Concretum job vacancies are published here as well as in our NEWS section. You may also find them on the internet job platform



Concretum is always interested in getting in touch with qualified engineers and technicians with special interests and experiences in concrete technology. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact:

Stefan Meier
+41 (0) 44 445 13 46